Adding LendingQB to the Trusted Sites Zone in Internet Explorer 9

There are some instances where your web browser's security setting will restrict some of the functionality of LendingQB. We recommend that you add the LendingQB website to Internet Explorer's Trusted Sites so you won't experience any unnecessary difficulties. Follow these steps to add LendingQB to your trusted sites.

  1. Open Internet Explorer 9.
  2. Pull down the Tools menu (near the top of the window) and click on Internet Options [see Figure 1 below]. This will open the Internet Options area.
    Figure 1

    Figure 1: Opening the Internet Options area

  3. Click on the Security tab at the top [see Figure 2 below].
  4. Click on the Trusted sites icon (the green checkmark) to select the Trusted sites zone [see Figure 2 below]. We also suggest setting the Security level for this zone to Medium. You can do this by moving the slider or clicking Default level.
    Figure 2

    Figure 2: Selecting the Trusted sites zone

  5. Click on Sites on the right side [see Figure 2 below]. This will open the Trusted sites list.
  6. In the box labeled "Add this website to the zone," please enter the following URLs:

    Note: Be sure that the URL begins with "https" and not "http".

    Figure 3

    Figure 3: Entering the LendingQB's website URL

  7. After entering the URL, click Add on the right side of the screen [see Figure 3 above]. Please check the Websites list (as shown in Figure 4 below) to confirm that the correct URL was added.
    Figure 4

    Figure 4: Confirming the successful addition

  8. Finally, click Close to close the Trusted sites list.
  9. Click OK to close the Internet Options area.

After completing these steps, please close your Internet Explorer web browser and open a new Internet Explorer window to access  LendingQB again. You should now be able to confirm the successful change on Internet Explorer version 9 by observing the Trusted sites icon and text near the lower-right corner of the web browser window [see Figure 5 below].

Figure 5

Figure 5: Trusted Sites icon near lower-right corner of the web browser